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Don’t Let Mold In Your RV Be A Traveling Companion This Summer

5/19/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Don’t Let Mold In Your RV Be A Traveling Companion This Summer SERVPRO Can Help With Mold In Your RV

Summer is just around the corner…

Vacation and trip planning are starting to take shape…

Many of these plans involve spending time in your RV. 

If you’ve ever done a road trip in an RV, you know that there is a lot of fun to be had.  However, before you can head out to your favorite RV camp of vacation destination, you need to get your RV ready.

While there are plenty of things you should be doing to prep your RV, there is one important thing you should be focusing on before, during and after the RV season to not only keep your RV is tip top shape, but keep everyone who will be spending time traveling in it safe.

Mold Wants To Be Your Traveling Companion

Let’s be honest… you wouldn’t let mold go unchecked in your home right?

Of course not… it would be too dangerous for everyone living there.

Your RV is basically your home on wheels and while you’re traveling, you are certainly going to be spending plenty of time inside it.

So you’re not going to let mold take up residence in your home on wheels… right?

Now, it goes without saying that the best way to tackle a mold issue is to deal with it early.  Where your RV is concerned, honestly, you should be starting when you are getting your RV ready for the winter months.

When is the next best time?


Got Mold?

If mold has decided to try and stow away in your RV, you are probably going to know it the minute you open the door for the first time this season.  You’re going to get a whiff of that familiar dank, musty odor.

Unsurprisingly, the two most common areas for mold and mildew growth are the bathroom and kitchen.  But these are not the only areas where mold can he festering inside of your RV.  Ventilation ducts, window sills, roof, walls and under your mattress are all potential locations.

The harmful effects of mold cannot be overstated.  Long term exposure can cause many different health related ailments.

Many RV’ers opt for attempting to clean the mold and mildew in their RV on their own.  While this choice is completely up to you, depending on the infestation, you may want to consider having a professional deal with the issue.

SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland are your local area professionals when it comes to mold remediation

Need help?  You can reach us here.

During Season Mold Prevention

Starting out the season without mold as a traveling companion is a great start.  But, keeping it out of your travel plans is best. 

Keeping condensation to a minimum while traveling around the country, through all kinds of weather can certainly be a challenge.  But it can be one of the most important things you do to make sure that mold does not take root in your RV.

Things to consider reducing condensation in your RV include:

  • Increasing the inside temperature of your RV
  • Use a dehumidifier
  • Properly ventilate the RV
  • Completely wipe down all surfaces

Mold Prevention For Off Season

Proper storage of your RV will make your traveling season a much easier and healthier one.  As with the traveling season, one of the most important things to do when preparing to close up your RV for the winter months is to prevent any buildup of moisture.

Although this may be counter-intuitive, maintaining good ventilation in your RV throughout the winter months is a key component of your storage plan. Most RVs will have rooftop vents that you can leave open without worrying about unwanted critters that might find their way inside.

Obviously parking your RV in an inside, climate controlled space would be the ideal scenario.  However, this is likely not the situation for most RV’ers, so let’s look at some other considerations.

If you don’t park your RV in a covered space, consider using vent covers to prevent any moisture from rain or snowfall.

As we mentioned, one of the biggest causes of interior moisture, and damage, is condensation from insufficient equalization of inside and outside air temperature. Having vents open should help.

Open all cabinets and refrigerator doors so they will stay nice and dry as well.  Hopefully this will ensure you don’t have any nasty surprises when you stock up for your first trip next year.

Keep pots of desiccant, like DampRid, in areas that you know are more susceptible to moisture, mold and mildew growth.  Be sure to replace them regularly during the off season.

Mold Remediation Professionals

Even if you’ve done everything right when you’re putting your RV away for the off season, sometimes mold and mildew still grow.  It almost seems like an unavoidable evil.

Treating the problem before anyone else is exposed for a prolonged period of time is important for your health.  The best way to do this is by letting the highly trained team at SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland help you.

We can remediate the mold which may have found its way into your RV and make sure that it doesn’t travel with your all Summer long.

You can reach us at 207-338-1850.

Meet Our Fleet

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Meet Our Fleet SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland Stands Ready To Help

We want to take a moment to talk about pride.  Sometime people think pride is a negative thing, but not when you have it for the right reasons, it can increase your feeling of self worth and drive your life in a positive direction.

Like most words, pride has many possible definitions.  But, we ask you to consider this definition from Cambridge Dictionary:

“a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get because you or people connected with you have done something good”

The entire staff at SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland is proud of the work we do every single day. 

We are fortunate because each and every day, we get to put our best foot forward when our friends and neighbors throughout the mid-coast of Maine have an emergency.

Help Is On The Way

When disaster strikes, you want to know that help is on the way.  Our fleet is the outward representation of our commitment to being there when you need us most.

One of the first things you see after contacting us to help with your commercial or residential restoration needs is the vehicles in our fleet responding to your location.

Nationwide Recognition

SERVPRO has over 1,700 franchises across the U.S and Canada.  SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland is happy to be their face here in Maine’s mid-coast region.  When you see our fleet traveling all throughout the area, you know that highly trained technicians are headed somewhere to help a fellow Mainer.

Whether you see us responding to a call due to water damage, storm related damage, a biohazard, the clean-up of a crime scene or a commercial restoration you know that no matter what, our team is dedicated to helping a neighbor.

Give Us A Wave

We are very proud of our fleet.  We are noticeable no matter where we travel, there is no mistaking us and we like it that way.

Have you seen us driving through your neck of the woods?

Well, the next time you do see us driving by, be sure to give us a wave!

Want to see more pictures of our fleet? 

Check out more pictures on our Facebook Page

Did you see us recently? 

Visit us on Facebook and let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

Want to stay up to date with all the latest pictures, local updates and some helpful tips for cleaning and recovering after suffering from a disaster?

Then while you’re at it, be sure to check us out on Twitter & YouTube.  We are always posting and sharing great stuff from other area businesses.

Here To Help

We hope you never have a disaster adversely affect your life, but if you do, we are only a phone call away…

You can reach us 24/7 at 207-338-1850

We will put our advanced technology and highly trained team to work for you.  Our dedication and expertise will ensure that you won’t have to worry about the restoration process.

Attention Belfast Businesses – Time To Clean Your Air Ducts

5/12/2019 (Permalink)

Building Services Attention Belfast Businesses – Time To Clean Your Air Ducts Improve Internal Air Quality (IAQ) by Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Here we are Belfast… deep into Spring…

A few weeks ago was Air Quality Awareness Week.  Did it make you think about the air you’re breathing?

We hope it did, if you want to read more about it, you check out our blog post about AQI here.

Importance of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

If you own a business you spend a lot of time there.  You have to, it’s your livelihood.

The entire time you’re there, both you and your employees are breathing in the air being circulated by your HVAC.

Have you ever considered the quality of the air coming from your system?

When was the last time you had the ducts properly cleaned?

Your air ducts have the important task of circulating the air flow from your HVAC.  This air flow happens continually throughout the day. 

As a result, contaminants can build up.  Dust and other debris can settle in the ducts.  This buildup is a double edged sword for your system. 

These contaminants overtime can impede the air flow through the system ducts, reducing the efficiency of your HVAC system as well as lower the air quality being pumped into your office and work space.

Removing these contaminants is critical not only for your HVAC system, but for the health of everyone working at your business.

Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts

The benefits of keeping your air ducts clean cannot be overstated.  These benefits include:

Improved Air Quality

As obvious as that may sound, it definitely needs to be said.  Chances are that you or someone working for you has respiratory issues of one sort or another.  Conditions like allergies, asthma and other can be irritated by low air quality.  The better the Internal Air Quality (IAQ), the healthier we will be overall.

Reduce Allergens & Irritants

Through normal occupancy of a work space, contaminants are generated and ultimately flow into your air ducts.  Add to that other contaminants and micro-organisms such as dust, bacteria, pollen, mildew and mold spores.  Periodically cleaning your duct system keeps these pollutants to a minimum and increases the overall air quality.

Removes Smells & Odors

This is probably another point that should go without saying… but let’s hash it out anyway.  Think about all the different smells flowing through your work space on a daily basis… paints, chemicals… who knows what else.  The odors related to these find their way into your air ducts and should be removed.  A detailed cleaning of your air ducts will help to remove odors trapped in your system.

Increased System Efficiency

The harder your HVAC system has to work, the shorter it’s lifespan.  By properly cleaning your duct system, you improve the efficiency of the air flow, thus reducing the strain on your HVAC.  Ultimately, this translates into cost effective performance and budgetary savings.

Keeping the air flowing efficiently throughout your air ducts will help to create a healthier environment for you and your employees, potentially saving you money in lost time from work.  But the cost savings don’t end there, proper air duct cleaning will help keep your HVAC running more efficiently, ultimately reducing the cost of expensive repairs.

Getting your air ducts cleaned by trained professionals is only a phone call away.  Call 207-338-1850 to reach your local experts at SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland.

Eliminate Hoarding Hazards Today

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

Biohazard Eliminate Hoarding Hazards Today Hoarding Can Create Hazardous Situations

Spring cleaning is pretty much the overall theme for the month of May no matter where you live.  Even many of the recognized holidays during the course of the month follow that vein… 

May 10th – Clean Up Your Room Day

May 17th – National Pack Rat Day

May 18th – No Dirty Dishes Day

While all of these days are meant to put a chord of fun into the prospect of Spring cleaning, there can be a real need to do so.

No… it’s not just because you have company coming over to your home or camp soon… although that IS a good reason.

Sometimes, our family members can fall into the unfortunate habit of hoarding.  For people who are true, compulsive hoarders, the need to preserve items in their home can often be an emotionally and physically destructive behavior.

Hazards of Hoarding

Hoarders are people who have a compulsive need to stockpile all kinds of belongings.  Hoarding is often associated with depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to name a few.

Very often, family members think that the hoarder is ‘going through a phase.’  Unfortunately, nothing can be further from the truth. 

Hoarders not only have a need to never throw away items, but they continue to collect more.  Before family members can begin to address the issue, things have often progressed quickly into dangerous conditions.

Because conditions inside the home of a hoarder can deteriorate quickly, it can become a hazardous situation not only for the hoarder, but for neighbors, family members and visitors.

The dangers of hoarding include:

Health & Physical Hazards

Increased Risk of Falls – In most hoarding situations, items are thrown about haphazardly.  If there is any organization to the clutter, it is merely to allow for small, barely passable walkways through the debris.  Obviously, this situation increases the chances for falls… which inevitable raises the risk for injury.

Poor Air Quality & Mold – Large amounts of clutter create a lack of proper ventilation.  Increased amounts of dust, decaying organic materials and high humidity are the perfect storm for bad air and mold.  These air quality problems lead to medical issues including allergies, chronic coughing, shortness of breath and worst.

Pest Infestations – A hoarder’s home usually has decomposing food throughout which makes it a haven for critters of all kinds.  Ants, cockroaches, flies and rats are just the beginning of the new cohabitants.  Once the home is infested, these creatures can carry any number of diseases along with them.

Fire & Structural Damage

Fire is one of the greatest risks in the home of a hoarder.  Most of the items accumulated are flammable materials such as paper and clothing.

There are a number of reasons for the increased risk of fire beyond the amount of materials inside the home.  The proximity of these flammable items to heat sources such has stoves, incandescent bulbs, heaters, etc. helps set the stage.  Add to this, that critter infestations can mean that wiring becomes a chew toy… enter another fire hazard.

The fire hazards don’t stop there.  If a fire does start, because of all the materials in a small space, fire and smoke will spread very quickly.

Clutter results in blocked means of egress.  This is dangerous not only for the occupants, but the first responders arriving to help battle the blaze and save lives.

Other forms of structural damage to the home also happen.  Uneven weight distribution of hoarded materials can damage the home or cause structural collapse.

But more than this, hoarders are less likely to keep up with needed maintenance in the home.  Let’s not forget the vermin who will be taking up residence, they will start to eat their way through wall, floors and wiring… a recipe for disaster.

Psychological & Sociological Hazards

A person’s quality of life is also adversely affected by hoarding behavior.  This can lead to a number effects that are much less visible, but just as devastating.

Because this behavior can cause conflicts with family, friends and neighbors, hoarders often become reclusive.  They don’t feel comfortable leaving their home, thus avoid social interaction and often fall into depression.

Finally, this destructive behavior can lead to financial issues.  If they even leave their home to go to work, they will usually spend the majority of their money on more ‘things.’  This can eventually lead to legal issues by defaulting on bills or when agitated neighbors get ‘fed up’ with what they consider to be deplorable conditions.

Cleaning Out The Hoard

Your friends and neighbors here at SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland hope that you never have to deal with a relative who is a hoarder.  But if you have someone in your life that is at risk from this situation, use this time of year to help them.

For help with emergency clean out situations, call us at 207-338-1850.

Belfast It’s Time To Prep Your Boat for Summer

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Belfast It’s Time To Prep Your Boat for Summer Now Is The Time To Prep your Boat For Summer

Boating in the waters throughout the Belfast area is quite enjoyable.  Between the navigational opportunities as well as the wonderful sights from the water, there are few areas that can rival our area.

So as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer you are no doubt itching to get your boat out on the water again.  

Whether you make your way across the waves under power or sail there now is the time you should consider doing a few things to ensure that your voyage is as pleasant as possible.  

Maintain Your Boats Interior

Whether you keep your boat at a marina, tied up to a dock, or stored in the back yard it’s likely to remain damp throughout the year.  So, your number one priority is to stop mold and mildew from getting their clutches into your interior spaces.

Preventing opportunities for mold and mildew to grow on your boat in the first place is obviously key to keeping your marine space a healthy one.  Here are some tips about prevention and cleaning on your water craft.

Mold and mildew can be seriously harmful to the health of you and your family. Learn more about the negative effects of mold on your health here.

An easy way to prevent damp is to place pots of desiccant (this is the same stuff you find in the pockets of your down jackets or shoes that are labeled “do not eat”).  This is also a highly toxic chemical and should be kept well out of reach of pets and curious young ones.

These are easily found at boating supply stores; brands like DampRid will absorb moisture from the air, making it an inhospitable environment for mold.  You should keep this on your boat whenever it is not in use and replace every few months.

Cleaning Your Boats Exterior

Even if you’ve been keeping your boat nice and dry during the off season, now is a good time for a preliminary hose down.  Though you likely gave it a good cleaning in preparation for putting it away for the winter, dust, dirt, and animal debris can still accumulate.

Start out by rinsing your boat with fresh water to loosen any dried-on dirt.  A pressure washer may make this process easier, but it is not strictly necessary.

Washing your boat from top to bottom, with a marine friendly soap and a soft brush is next on the list.  

Pro Tip…  Work from top to bottom, in small sections and rinse before allowing it to dry in order to prevent streaking.

Adding a fresh coat of a quality marine wax will not only help protect your newly clean surface but can also add a nice shine. Apply as you would a wax to your car.

Having your boats hull well leaned and well waxed will decrease friction and drag, allowing your boat to move more smoothly through the waters around Belfast or wherever along the coast of this great state of Maine you boating adventures may take you.

Ready For The Season

We love to enjoy boating in the Belfast, Camden and Rockland waters just like you.  Frankly, we enjoy sailing all along the coast of Maine…

No matter where you enjoy sailing, you should always make sure your boat is ready for the season ahead.  This starts with preventing mold and mildew from taking hold of your vessel.

Need help with the mold in your boat?

Let your friends and neighbors at SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland help.  Our highly trained staff can help with the mold that may have festered and grown. 

We are only a phone call away, 207-338-1850.

We hope you can enjoy the boating season that will soon take hold of Belfast.  Prepping your boat now, inside and out, will ensure that it will not only look good, but it is ready to operate the best it can.

Hey Belfast - Time To Check AQI & Get Outside

4/30/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning Hey Belfast - Time To Check AQI & Get Outside Check AQI & Get Outside

We're all very fortunate to live in the great state of Maine... and honestly, there are few parts of the state that are better than Belfast, Camden, Rockland and the surrounding areas. 

Did you know that is Air Quality Awareness Week?

It's one of those designated holidays that doesn't get much face time from the major news outlets. 

Officially, Air Quality Awareness Week is April 29 - May 3, 2019.

Believe it or not, this holiday even has a theme…  the 2019 theme is “Check AQI & Get Outside.”

AQI – Air Quality Index

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, what is AQI?

Let us spare you any more suspense…

AQI stands for Air Quality Index.  In a nutshell the AQI is an indicator which attempts to predict high levels of air pollution and inform you how these conditions may affect your health.

Believe it or not, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been bringing the latest air quality information to the nation for over 20 years. 

As part of this commitment, they have created resources including maps, current air quality information as well as air quality forecasts for cities across the country.

So where can you find information about air quality in our neck of the woods?

We are fortunate that our local broadcasters make this information part of their weather forecast… especially when the pollution levels are forecast to be on the rise.  But if you want to have air quality alerts sent to your email or apps available on your phone, check out EnviroFlash.

Effects of Poor Air Quality

From time to time, many of us will find ourselves in parts of the country which may be negatively affected by less than optimal air quality.  Air pollution affects everyone’s health.  However, there are segments of the population who are often more susceptible to these negative effects.

So who is most at risk?

The people most at risk during times when the AQI score is high include, babies and small children, the elderly, people who exercise or work outside and people with asthma or lung disease.  The good news is, no matter how badly you are affected by poor air quality days, there are steps you can take to help minimize these effects.

When poor air quality is at the highest levels on the AQI, to help protect yourself as well as those most susceptible by rescheduling outdoor activities until levels drop and spend more time indoors.  If you do have to exercise or work outdoors during these periods, consider reducing your activity level.

Taking It All In

As Mainers we are fortunate… there are very few days of the year when we are at the mercy of poor air quality.  However, no matter how lucky we may be, knowledge is still our first defense to suffering any harmful effects.

Before we get into the season when we are most likely to experience these elevated pollution days, consider having our trained staff inspect and clean air ducts and HVAC.  Your ventilation system may be the most important thing to limit your exposure to outside conditions.

You can always reach us at 207-338-1850.

If you want to learn more about Air Quality Awareness Week or the AQI, visit the Environment Protection Agency.

Enjoy Mud Season in Maine Without Destroying Your Home

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning Enjoy Mud Season in Maine Without Destroying Your Home Enjoying Mud Season in Maine

It’s that time of the year again: mud season!

As Mainers we look forward to being off road and enjoying our ‘mudding’… the part of this season we don’t enjoy is trying to keep it from destroying our home.

Let’s face it… mud season is one of the toughest seasons on the home, especially if you live with dogs, children or guests who seem to always forget the havoc that muddy footprints can have on your floors, carpets and even furniture.

So, where can we find a balance… enjoy the season, and save our home?

We put together a few key tips that will help you prevent mud from getting all over your house…

Oh, and by the way, we know no matter how hard you try, the mud is getting in…

So, we’ll lay out a few tips for cleaning some of those areas that might suffer mother nature’s muddy wrath…

Keep The Mud Outside

The best way to deal with mud in the home is to prevent it from entering in the first place!

While that may sound easier said than done, there are a number of things you can do to help prevent mud from getting tracked inside.  The trick is getting all of the kids and pets to work with you to keep the excess mud outside.

Create a Mud Room

If you don’t already have a mud room at your home, then the best idea is to create one… it can be used for every season of the year, not just mud season.

But, you’re probably saying 'I can’t afford to add a room onto my home'… not problem, find an area nearest to the door and transform it into a makeshift mud room.

A “mud room” is essentially a designated room or area for muddy shoes, boots, clothing, gardening gloves or anything else that has the potential to track mud inside the house.

A mud room keeps all of that unwanted mud confined to a single location, so you only need to wash and sweep in one space instead of the entire house.

How can you transform an area into a mud room?

Click Here to get some mud room creation ideas that should get your creative juices flowing.

Place a Mud Mat in Front of Every Door

Mud mats can be placed in front of every door that leads to the outside.  Back doors, front doors, side doors, sliding glass doors—the more, the merrier!  

The best mud mat should be made out of material such as rubber or plastic; you don’t want material that’s going to absorb or get stained with the mud, dirt and debris that gets stomped out from muddy shoes and boots.

Have Mud Rags and Boot Trays at Every Entrance

Other helpful items to have by every entrance are mud rags (or towels) and boot trays.  

Boot trays are perfect for keeping all of those muddy shoes and boots in a space that won’t touch the floor. 

If you want to try something a bit fore organized, give shoe racks a try.  The objective is obviously to keep the muddy shoes & boots off the floor.

As for your mud rags, make sure that they are easily accessible at the entryway.  A mud rag or towel will make it easy to wipe down shoes, boots, prints, clothes or anything else that needs to be cleaned before the person (or pet) can come inside.

As residents in Belfast, Camden, Rockland or any of the surrounding areas, we are fans of This Old House

Check out these mud room design ideas from This Old House.

Mud Cleaning Tips

As we mentioned earlier, no matter how hard you try and how many precautions you take during mud season, there will always be mud that finds its way into your home.  

Maybe one of your kids bolted inside and forgot to take off their muddy shoes; maybe your dog took off ahead of you after coming in from a walk and left his muddy paw prints running up and down the kitchen space.  

Whatever the reason and however the mud got inside, one thing is certain: you need to get it cleaned up ASAP to avoid damaging the floors in your home.

Here are some cleaning tips to keep in mind when cleaning mud out of the most common household spaces and objects.


  • Do not rub or scrub mud as it will get into the pitted grooves of the flooring
  • Blot wet mud… but do not rub or scrub
  • Use a dust mop to get up as much dried mud as possible
  • Mop with warm water to remove rest of mud debris


  • Clean wet mud quickly with warm water and a rag
  • If mud is dried, use a combination of warm water with a dash of dish soap to help loosen up mud before wiping with wet rag
  • Do not scrub or rub mud into the flooring


  • Let the mud dry completely before you try to clean it
  • Vacuum dry mud slowly
  • Use mixture of dish washing detergent and lukewarm water to blot into remaining mud until the mud stain is removed
  • Do not rub the mud into the carpet, especially if it is wet or damp


  • Always let mud dry before attempting to remove
  • Never rub or scrub at wet mud as this will cost deep seated staining in the fabric
  • Shake, brush and scrape off dry mud off clothes
  • Pretreat clothes with detergent and stain remover to handle remaining mud stains
  • For very muddy clothing, soak in detergent solution for 30 minutes or even overnight depending on the extent of the mud

What If You Can’t Get The Mud Out?

Sometimes no matter how hard you try excessive mud can damage your floors, carpets and furniture.  When this happens, it’s time to call in your highly trained, local cleaning professionals from SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland.

The bottom line… mud season doesn’t have to be a mess!

Start out with some preventative measures to keep excessive mud out of your home.  Clean whatever gets in as soon as possible.

If it’s more than you can handle, reach out to us at 207-338-1850.

Tips For Preventing Flood Damage in Your Home

4/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Tips For Preventing Flood Damage in Your Home Spring rains & melting snow can cause water damage

For most of the U.S., April showers might bring May flowers, but here in Maine April can also bring along some additional, unwanted friends.  If you’ve lived in the Belfast, Camden or Rockland areas for any length of time, then you know that in April, the weather can be a bit dicey to say the least.

We all hope that old man winter has let go (although not usually) and we all hope that we get mild temps, a decent mud season and not too many black flies.

However, with all of that, we also have the melting ice causing local rivers and streams to overflow their banks, putting our homes in potential danger.  Not to mention, if you didn’t keep up with all that snow and ice buildup on your roof during the winter, you may have to contend with ice dams forming on the gutters of your house.

You may be thinking that Spring sounds horrible in Maine… we all know, nothing is further from the truth. 

However, if you are not prepared for the twists that Springtime can bring, it can be a nuisance at least and potentially a dangerous situation for your home.  If any of that water from the rain or melting snow and ice makes it into your home it can warp floorboards, create havens for mold in your walls and can damage any number of your belongings.

So, a little prevention can save you a lot of headaches… oh yea, and a lot of money…

Read on for some tips on how to prevent that damage before it happens.

1. Check Your Homes Foundation

The most common way that water will enter your home during a heavy rainstorm is through your foundation.  If it is old and cracked water that has soaked into the ground will follow the path of least resistance right into your home.

Seal any foundation cracks you find with waterproofing compounds.  If you have a basement that is particularly prone to flooding you may even want to install floor drains.

2. Divert Water Flow Away From Your Home

Start by adding directional piping at the base of your gutter drains.  This one small, moderately priced addition to the exterior of your home can save you future money and damage to your home.

Once you’ve done this, depending on the landscaping near your house, you may notice water pooling in areas you don’t want it to be.  Although this may take a significant amount of landscaping effort, providing the water with a more appropriate place to accumulate will make a big difference once the first of the Spring storms rolls in.  

Observe where the water tends to flow during small rainstorms to determine where it naturally wants to go.  If it is collecting by the sides of your home then it may be time to grade your lawn so that the water flows towards a drain or some other collection reservoir and not towards your foundation.

3. Replace Water Valves

When water levels rise it’s important to remember that some of the systems meant to move water away from your home may become backed up and do exactly the opposite.  You may want to install back-flow valves on all pipes leading to you house, especially those leading into a sewer system that is at risk of flooding.  Consider installing drain plugs as well, particularly in the basement which will likely be effected first.  

The only thing worse than a flooded home is a home flooded with sewage.  Should this unfortunate circumstance happen, SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland has professionals who are trained and armed with the proper equipment to get this hazard cleaned quickly and efficiently.

4. Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump is generally a small investment which can produce a large ROI during its first use.  The job of this electrical pump is to move the accumulating water towards your nearest storm drain. 

Sump pumps do not run constantly so they are not a huge drain on your electric.  They generally use a mechanism that switches them on once the water has reached a pre-determined level in the reservoir.

If you already have a sump pump then it is good practice to check it periodically to ensure its working properly and it hasn’t gotten clogged.  Finally, consider a backup power source in case you lose electricity during a storm.

5. Keep Sandbags or Flood Barriers On Hand

If you live need a river or creek prone to overflowing, doing this one think can save your home from immense damage.  In a flooding emergency, having sandbags or some other type of flood barrier on hand is key.

While this one measure may not be enough to completely keep all the water from getting to your home, diverting the majority of the water may be just enough to lessen the impact.

We hope you never have to experience the effects of flooding.  But if the unexpected does happen, let your local professionals at SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland help you. 

Learn more about water damage here.

You can reach us 24/7 at 207-338-1850.

Importance of Professional Crime Scene Clean-up

4/5/2019 (Permalink)

Biohazard Importance of Professional Crime Scene Clean-up Crime Scenes Require Professional Clean-up

It doesn't matter where you live... all you have to do is turn on the local news... and on any given day, there are stories about crimes that are frankly unimaginable by most people.

While most people are fortunate to only be effected by these incidents because they heard them on the news, some have to deal with the aftermath.

SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland understands how these unfortunate situations can effect people in Maine. We are your neighbors here in Belfast and the surrounding areas.

We understand the need to respond quickly and efficiently. By doing so, we hope to reduce the impact of these events on the professionals, family and friends that were exposed to the situation.

Driven by our core values, we treat everyone involved with empathy and respect. We realize that whatever the situation, it has been trying enough, you don't need to deal with additional stress.

Crime Scene Impacts

Each crime scene and situation is certainly unique and as such, each scene provides particular hazards and needs to ensure proper restoration and clean-up.

What are some of the potential hazards?

> Bloodbourne Pathogens - Accidents, traumas and deaths can result in the need for the removal and disposal of bodily fluids and other pathogenic materials.

> Crime Scene Residues - Crime scene interventions and investigations often require the use of various chemicals. Some of these chemicals include tear gas, pepper spray, fire extinguishers, fingerprint powder and other evidence gathering chemicals.

> Illicit Drugs - Dangerous chemicals are often used in the production of illicit drugs, such as methamphetamine. The professionals from SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland follow all federal and state guidelines regarding the proper cleaning of affected areas.

> Vandalism - Quick identification and removal of substances used to vandalize property is key to their effective elimination and ultimately restoration of an effected area.

Importance of Clean-up Professionals

Regardless of the crime scene, having the knowledge and capability to quickly and safely remove and clean all the hazardous chemicals and materials is paramount. Failure to do so, puts people at risk.

SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland has training, personal protective gear and the equipment necessary to safely remove any biohazards at a scene and ensure proper disposal.

Need Biohazard or Crime Scene Clean-up?

Dealing with the events that lead to a crime scene are undoubtedly difficult. So having one less worry when it comes time to clean it up can be a blessing.

SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland are the professionals you need to ensure that your environment is clean and safe. We will respond quickly and provide experienced services with courtesy, empathy and the quality you need in a biohazard clean-up and restoration situation.

We are just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - call us at 207-338-1850.

Complete The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile

3/31/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Complete The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile Get Your Emergency Ready Profile Today

Spring is on our door step here in Maine. While many of us, especially in the Belfast area welcome Spring, this season means more than the flowers blooming and the trees growing back their leaves.

Here, Spring also means "April showers bring May flower," the beginning of "mud season" and the melting of all that snow and ice we had this past Winter.

All these incredible changes in the weather increases the chances for flooding in many of our communities. We hope your business never suffers water damage, but if it does, SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland is here to help.

Many Businesses Don't Survive

Recent research has shown that about 50% of businesses which suffer a disaster such as water or fire damage will never recover. Whether it's the disaster itself or that coupled with the interruption in their business, many companies will never be able to open their doors again.

While that statistic is certainly concerning for business owners, that same research has a silver lining...

Most of the businesses that reopened had an emergency response plan in place. Your business can be one of the survivors, all you need is...

An Ounce Of Prevention

The old saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

You might be wondering how a cliche is going to help your business.

Allow us to explain...

SERVPRO Emergency Readiness Profile (ERP)

Make SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland a part of your businesses emergency preparedness planning.

We can developed an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) for your business to help when unexpected emergencies strike. The ERP is a comprehensive document which contains critical information necessary to help you mitigate business interruption during a disaster.

Some of this critical business information includes items such as contacts for your business, areas of priority inside your business and shut off valve locations to name just a few. When a disaster strikes, seconds can make all the difference in mitigating the damage your business could sustain.

But this is just the tips of the iceberg...

The ERP is a service offered to businesses in the Belfast, Camden, Rockland and surrounding areas free of charge.

Once complete, the ERP can be accessed from your smartphone, so the information is always at your fingertips. Our goal is to assist area business to be prepared before an emergency happens.

Is Your Business Ready For An Emergency?

Emergencies strike without warning. By planning ahead you increase your effectiveness and chances of mitigating the damage.

Are you ready?

Contact SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland and let us create an Emergency Ready Profile for your business. We are only a phone call away, 207-338-1850.