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SERVPRO of Belfast Camden Rockland is now on Facebook & Twitter

9/9/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Belfast Camden Rockland  is now on Facebook! Please like our page to see company news, updates, tips and more. 

Spot Removal Tips

8/6/2015 (Permalink)

Basic Spot Removal Procedures


1. Attend to spills as soon as possible. Older stains are harder to remove.     Scrape or blot up excess reside of spot. Always blot; never rub carpet or upholstery fabric. Rubbing may cause irreparable fiber distortion.

2.     We always pretest spot removing solutions in an inconspicuous area before applying to spot to ensure the performance of our procedure and safety of your fabric. We inspect closely for dye transfer or changes in the fabrics appearance.

3.     When attempting to remove a spot, remember, like dissolves like. A water-based stain will dissolve in water-based solution (sometimes water just works!). Oil-based spills need to be dissolved using a solvent solution. SERVPRO makes sure the correct procedures are used.  

4.     After removing the spot, we rinse the area blot with an absorbent cloth or towel.

We cannot guarantee complete spot removal, but we’ll do our professional best.